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How to Tie Scarves–Cheat Sheet

If you missed out on the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Ruby, Inc. at Tremendous Life Books at the Charlie T. Jones Conference Center in Mechanicsburg you missed out on a fabulous time. From CEOs to empty nesters, women flocked from all over the area to learn 25 new ways to tie a scarf compliments of Ruby, Inc. and Tremendous Life Books.

Attendees said:

“I feel so much more confident getting ready in the morning. It’s going so much faster.”– Amy

“Thank you, Jasmine. Keep smiling. God Loves You.” — Kathy

“Thank you… for hosting this event. Jodi and I had a great time and learned a lot! … Thank you again!” –Janine

“I am so excited for you to edit my closet.” — J.

“I can’t wait to set up my appointment with you.” — Rose

Weren’t able to attend? Follow this Youtube video to learn step-by-step how to tie cute scarves.

If you’d like to see behind-the-scenes photos of the event, follow this link to our Facebook page.

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Photos from Friday Night’s Fashion Show at That Shuu Girl

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If you missed Friday night’s fashion show at That Shuu Girl Boutique you missed out on a fabulous opportunity to get the latest fashions at a fraction of the price, tips and tricks on how to dress for your body type and a sneak preview of an organic hair line.

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Who Else Wants Learn to Become a Female Entrepreneur?

Last week the Ruby, Inc. crew was invited out to YTI, York Technical Institute to teach students about entrepreneurship. Jasmine asked for feedback so that she could improve for the future and continue to educate other young, budding entrepreneurs.

Here’s what the students said:

Jasmine’s presentation was suburb to say the least. Upon her entrance she immediately took control and demanded everyone’s attention. She got the audience involved by asking for volunteers. The presentation was informative and appeared to be accurate information. I really liked how she took questions at the beginning and made the presentation about the audience. Before answering the questions she confirmed with the audience that answering the question would result in a successful presentation. She was very enthusiastic, spoke clearly and answered everyone’s questions. I enjoyed listening to her success story and took away several best practices.

I believe that Jasmine is really putting together a great idea. She is promoting a very needed business service. It is obvious she is passionate about her dream and is very confident and excited about her dream. I am very impressed how she is using resources available to her and making her business successful.

Mr. Shuler,
I thought she did a splendid job last night. She is a very well spoken person in front of an audience and answered all the questions very well. She knew a great deal about all the questions put forth to her and was very truthful when she didn’t know something. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation last night.
Thanks, Janet

Mr. Shuler,

I liked her presentation! She shared a lot of resources and ideas that a lot of people may not think of. She also showed how confidence and giving back can go a very long way!

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Frugal Friday: Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good

Ruby, Inc. has new items for sale on our Threadflip store. Remember 100 percent of our sales via Threadflip go to style women who have gone through tragedy pro bono. Don’t forget we have a 100% approval rating from sellers and you’ll save up to 90% off the original price.

This Frugal Friday you can look good, do good and feel good all while saving 90%. Pretty good reason to start shopping.


See the results here or in the video below. Psst: They’re two separate videos.

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Well-Stocked Wardrobe

What are the 26 pieces you need for a fabulous wardrobe? We’ve got you covered. Just see below or contact us here for more information.

1) Dark wash skinny jeans.

2) The chambray top.

3) Flared jean.

4) The white blouse.

Source: taigan.com via Leslie on Pinterest

5) The striped long sleeve shirt.

Source: toast.co.uk via Laura on Pinterest

6) A black boyfriend blazer.

7) Colored jeans.

8) The LBD.

9) The sexy leather jacket.

Source: polyvore.com via Crystal on Pinterest

10) A tweed jacket.

Source: rdujour.com via Lauren on Pinterest

11) A jean jacket.

Source: polyvore.com via Lexi on Pinterest

12) A pair of cut off denim shorts.

13) A patterned skirt.

14) The perfect white tee-shirt.

Source: romwe.com via Fashion on Pinterest

15) A great day dress.

16) A big chunky sweater.

Source: chicnova.com via Carina on Pinterest

17) A striped blazer.

Source: polyvore.com via Bunny on Pinterest

18) Black skinny jeans.

19) A crew neck sweater.

20) The sexy dress.

21) A pencil skirt.

22) A pea coat jacket.

Source: svpply.com via Jennie on Pinterest

23) A winter jacket.

Source: marmot.com via Meggan on Pinterest

24) Strapless bra. 

Source: zulily.com via Dani on Pinterest

25) A seductive bra.

Source: pinterest.com via So Cal on Pinterest

26) The no-show underwear.


Begin to Banish Your Insecurities Once and For All

At Ruby, Inc., we like to do the most possible good. In a recent partnership with That Shuu Girl Boutique and A Touch of Perfection in Lancaster, PA, our businesses worked together to give our second makeover to another deserving young woman named Mandy.

Mandy recently uprooted from Texas to Pennsylvania after experiencing a tragedy to be closer to her family. We know she’s smart, beautiful and strong so we gave her a day to herself to experience a Cinderella moment for free.

How do we do it?

And as you know may know when Ruby, Inc. clients book a closet editing, which is where a personal stylist reviews your wardrobe and decides what to purge, what to have tailored and where you’ll need to splurge, a personal stylist will also (with your permission) donate your unneeded clothing to thrift shops to promote local job growth or sell your unwanted clothing on Threadflip. You can see the store front here.

One hundred percent of Ruby, Inc.’s sales on the Threadflip site are then donated to style women in need.

You can see our first makeover here.

To enhance your own wardrobe while doing good, check our out Threadflip store here or to schedule an appointment with a personal stylist click here.