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“I got a few new pieces that follow the rules at a consignment shop. THANK YOU! My confidence has gone way up and this has been a huge blessing to me.” — D.P., 40-some-year-old entrepreneur and mother of two

“Thank you again for coming and working with me today. I truly appreciate your patience, understanding, and explanations about everything.” — A.S., 27-year-old married entrepreneur

“I feel amazing. I feel so good about myself.” — K. 60-some-year-old board member, married and mother

“You left such an impact on my wife that I just have to share your story. You’re creating a ministry and you don’t even know it. You’re so inspiring.” — G., 60-year-old board member and D.J.

What’s getting all the rave reviews?

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Who Else Wants Learn to Become a Female Entrepreneur?

Last week the Ruby, Inc. crew was invited out to YTI, York Technical Institute to teach students about entrepreneurship. Jasmine asked for feedback so that she could improve for the future and continue to educate other young, budding entrepreneurs.

Here’s what the students said:

Jasmine’s presentation was suburb to say the least. Upon her entrance she immediately took control and demanded everyone’s attention. She got the audience involved by asking for volunteers. The presentation was informative and appeared to be accurate information. I really liked how she took questions at the beginning and made the presentation about the audience. Before answering the questions she confirmed with the audience that answering the question would result in a successful presentation. She was very enthusiastic, spoke clearly and answered everyone’s questions. I enjoyed listening to her success story and took away several best practices.

I believe that Jasmine is really putting together a great idea. She is promoting a very needed business service. It is obvious she is passionate about her dream and is very confident and excited about her dream. I am very impressed how she is using resources available to her and making her business successful.

Mr. Shuler,
I thought she did a splendid job last night. She is a very well spoken person in front of an audience and answered all the questions very well. She knew a great deal about all the questions put forth to her and was very truthful when she didn’t know something. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation last night.
Thanks, Janet

Mr. Shuler,

I liked her presentation! She shared a lot of resources and ideas that a lot of people may not think of. She also showed how confidence and giving back can go a very long way!

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