Frugal Friday: We’ll Teach You How to Bargain Hunt in 5 Minutes or Less

Recently the Ruby, Inc. crew polled our clients and asked them how we could improve. If you’d like to give us feedback, we welcome it and you can fill out a quick 30-second survey below.

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Here’s a little bit of feedback that we received so far:

“I believe that you take each client as an individual and address their needs. I think your attitude is always positive which really helps when the client has low self esteem which is most of the time. You also have a clear knowledge of how to do things in a cost effective way and that means a lot to the client who is on a tight budge but wants to look their best.”

And here’s a suggestion for improvement:

Post places in a newsletter for past clients when you find new places to shop at a bargain place.”

You asked, we listened.

Welcome to Frugal Friday! Each Friday we’ll scour the web and the local community to find out where you can find killer pieces at a stellar price.

So today we’re going to introduce you to Threadflip.


Threadflip is building a social marketplace that changes the way women shop for clothes and style their wardrobes, creating a peer-to-peer shopping experience that is delightful, collaborative and inspirational, as well as efficient and cost-effective. It’s an $8.1 million dollar VC backed company that allows you to shop tons of clothes from vintage to Vuitton at deep discounts. It’s a chance to turn your closet into a dynamic boutique.

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