‘Community restores Christmas for Washington Boro family’ with Ruby, Inc. and R&K Stoner Logistics Inc.

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You couldn’t find nicer people than Nate and Shandra Stoner, says an appreciative Trinity Mendenhall of Willow Street.

Shandra Stoner coaches Mendenhall’s daughter for the Penn Manor Strikers youth soccer team, volunteering her time “just because she’s a nice person,” Mendenhall says.

So everyone who knows the Stoners was shocked to learn that someone burglarized their Washington Boro home the day after Christmas.

The family of six came home and found hundreds of dollars in gifts missing, including a Keurig coffeemaker, a George Foreman grill, their kids’ backpacks and even some toiletry items.

But Mendenhall and her friend since their days at Solanco’s Swift Middle School, Jasmine Grimm, are teaming up to help restore the Stoner family’s Christmas.

On Saturday, they delivered hundreds of dollars worth of gifts to the Stoners to give back the Christmas that was stolen.

The delivery was in addition to help from others who have already replaced some of the things that were taken.

“It has been a very humbling — and almost embarrassing — thing to be the receivers of people’s gifts,” Shandra Stoner said.

Nate Stoner said he was touched that, in may cases, people went out of their way to replace the exact items that were taken.

As Grimm said, “Insurance will cover many things, but who in the community has gifts they can offer to help restore their peace of mind?”

Mendenhall works for her in-laws’ business, R&K Stoner Logistics Inc. of Peach Bottom, while Grimm two years ago founded Ruby Inc., a small business that helps women “edit” their closets to build a wardrobe that enhances their body build, size, age and weight.

Grimm notes that “you really don’t lose anything by doing something kind for somebody.

“And if you can keep your candle lit, and light somebody else’s, it’s a much better place. So why not just go and do it?”

Others, including local business people and an area pastor, also have stepped in and made donations.

“I guess I really can’t comprehend … why someone would steal children’s backpacks,”Mendenhall adds.

The two women organizing the effort for the Stoners graduated together from Solanco in 2001.

Grimm remembers Mendenhall helping her through some tough times she faced and hopes the Stoners are feeling the same way she did.

“To have somebody do something for me, it was humbling, but more than that, it really lets you know there are still some really great people in the world,” Grimm recalls.

Staff writer Chad Umble contributed to this report.

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One Way to Create a Place Where Everyone Gets Cinderella Moments

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We donated a full styling package for this fun, casual cocktail style party, and it was an honor to know that all proceeds from this event went to the Animal Rescue Fund which provides shelter, care, and medical treatment for homeless and abused animals that are brought to the Humane League.

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Ruby, Inc. has partnered with the Humane League of Lancaster and invites all women to join us in creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence instead of anxiety. You’re going to have a Cinderella moment, and together we’re going to make sure unwanted pets get one too. Each time you buy from Ruby, Inc. you help the Humane League of Lancaster County create a humane community where pets are protected and wanted while inspiring your own self-esteem. Ten percent of every one of your purchases is donated to help create a no-kill community, pay for low-cost spay/neuter clinics, bolster foster care programs, create greater outreach adoption sites and ultimately create a humane community where all animals are protected and wanted.

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5 Principles to Drive Toward Success

The Ruby, Inc. team stumbled on an article by Marc and Angel Hack Life, entitled “Force of Character: Taking Ownership of Your Actions” and it resonated with us. They wrote:

People with noble intentions are found everywhere, but people with “force of character” stand out from the crowd. As the fire inside the rest of us flickers from gusts of indecision, these minds usually burn bright and rise above the storm while confidently pressing forward. They seem to know the secret for personal success. This buried secret also indirectly draws in the individual regard and respect of others.

We hope to be that kind of team. You see, it might sound all well and good to run around tinkering with clothes all day, but we stand for something. We believe in something.

  • We believe in being challenged. We spend time trying out new ideas that scare us like the upcoming Spartan Race, trying out for Pin Ups for Pit Bulls, Crossfit, and public speaking at colleges, universities, podcasts, and business events.
  • We believe in creativity. We want to spend out time making new ideas come to fruition through videos, photography, social media and writing.
  • We believe in integrity. We want to be the kind of team that strives to tell the truth, the kind of team that is as good as their word, who shows respect and keeps our promises.
  • We believe in tackling life with enthusiasm.
  • And we believe in resilience. We know that some of the most amazing gifts come in really crappy packages and we strive to take the negative forces in our lives and turn them around for good, even when we’re afraid to do so.

Those are just a few of the reasons why we believe, too, in giving back to the community. It’s not easy to give when you’re starting out. Sometimes you’ve got to come up with creative ways to scrape together a few extra pennies. We vowed to give back to organizations that have touched our lives in some way and we want to give back–through time or money–with enthusiasm so we can show just how far we’ve come from when we once needed help from others.

In doing so we hope to be the kind of company that not only has noble intentions but also “burn[s] bright and rise[s] above the storm while confidently pressing forward.”

So that’s why we give to the Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center at the YWCA in Lancaster, and the Humane League of Lancaster County, Hospice of Lancaster County, Phoenix Assistance Dogs, Stubbydog, the Alzheimer‘s Association and more. We want to give back to non-profits that stir a white hot burning desire in our hearts and because we’re a start-up we want to show that we can be powerful beyond measure. Sure we’ll fail sometimes, but we’ll fail forward until we get it right.

So this receipt isn’t a pat on the back saying somehow we’ve done the right thing. It’s just to show you that yes, we’re a start-up, but we can still have a big impact when we choose to make a difference.

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Rummy, Kickball and Alzheimer’s

This past weekend Nxtbook Media, the Cork & Cap, and Advanced Solar Industries all banded together in a kickball tournament to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. Jasmine was playing with Nxtbook Media and she was particularly excited for this project because first, who doesn’t like a good Saturday afternoon of kickball and second, her favorite aunt, June, died a number of years ago from complications from Alzheimer’s.

Here’s what you’ve got to understand about Aunt June. She was two things in her life. She was (to borrow the words of her friends) “as lazy as a pet coon” and a card shark. Everyone loved her. She played pranks, swindled cookies away from youngsters betting in Blackjack and refused to let anyone win in Go Fish.

Jasmine’s family knew something was a little off with Aunt June when she kept asking how to play Rummy over and over again. She couldn’t remember when to draw and what made up a run. Jasmine decided to help her out by writing the instructions on a piece of paper.

June, not one to be outfoxed, held up the paper and made up her own rules, and read them aloud to the family.

She read:

Dear Aunt June, Go to Hell. Love, Jasmine

Shortly there after Aunt June began forgetting more and more things. She forgot her friends, her family and when she was moved to an elderly community, she commandeered a gentlemen, gave him the name of her old boyfriend and started “dating him” in front of his wife at the retirement facility. When she wasn’t swindling folks in cards, her memory was deteriorating to the point that she began squirreling candy bars and bananas in her room, and then forgetting where she left them.

Aunt June eventually died of complications from Alzheimer’s, after forgetting where she was and falling down the back stairwell.

Jasmine played this kickball tournament in Aunt June’s honor.

And Nxtbook won.

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