9 Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss Ruby, Inc.’s LIVE Free Seminar at Tremendous Life Books

This Event Will Transform Your Life, Banish the Hopeless Feeling in the Mirror, and Explode Your Confidence

We know what you’re going through. Shopping for well-fitting, stylish clothes is an exercise in frustration. Now balance that with a busy work schedule and family obligations and it feels impossible. But it’s not. We promise. Regardless of your body type you will save time, money, and dress your best. We’ve styled CEOs, ladies who had the honor of ringing the bell for the New York Stock Exchange, dinner dates with Prime Minister Tony Blair, and busy working women like you.

9 reasons you will not want to miss Ruby, Inc.’s LIVE Seminar.

You’ll learn to:

  • Forget about the perfect body type
  • Combat your negative body images
  • Banish dressing-room meltdowns
  • Save time
  • Find clothing that works for you
  • Improve your comfort
  • Boost your confidence
  • Learn to make purchases without breaking the bank
  • And finally feel pretty, regardless of size, age, or weight

YES, Ruby, Inc.! I want to spend one afternoon with you at Tremendous Life Books in Mechanicsburg to learn the exact strategies to achieve an amazing sense of style and learn to dress for my body type in record time!

Register today to attend Ruby, Inc.’s free LIVE seminar.

Act now while seats are still available!

Clients say:

“Ruby, Inc. saved my marriage! It’s true. She showed me how to bring home designer brands that I could have never afforded for a fraction of the cost. I can now tackle thrift shops with ease. I know exactly what I’m looking for and can bypass the rest. More importantly, Jasmine helped me discover the confident woman buried under clothes that didn’t work for me or reflect my personality. I feel like I’m better equipped as a role model for my daughters to show them how a woman should carry herself and express herself.” — A. B.

“I had a blast with you and I am feeling great!  I took one of your suggestions and wore the beige skirt, beige and black print jacket with a black cami and black heels to church.  I had several people saying I looked great and they loved the outfit! It made my day.  I am impressed with your work and expertise and  I just wanted to say thank you… you helped me in more ways than you know…” –JoAnn

Register today to attend Ruby, Inc.’s free LIVE seminar.


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