5 Reasons to Get Rid of Your Frumpy Pantyhose Once and For All

The other evening our founder, Jasmine, stumbled on a hot debate with ladies who were older than 30. The big question: To wear pantyhose or not to wear pantyhose?

It’s our opinion at Ruby, Inc. that pantyhose ought to be ripped off the legs and instead be used to fix busted hoses on your car.

Here are 5 reasons why you can do better than the ‘hose.



  1. According to Nina Garcia of the hit show “Project Runway” and author of The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces that Every Stylish Woman Must Own (abridged download here), you’ve got far better options than those ratty stockings. Take fishnets for example. According to Garcia, “fishnets are supersexy when done right, supertawdry when done wrong. To stay on the right side of the line make sure you choose a fine mesh. Keep between an eighth and a quarter of an inch. The smaller the better. Pair with sophisticated clothing…try in nude…don’t let show too much. A peek of fishnet at the ankle when you’re wearing tailored trousers can go much further than showing an entire leg of fishnet with high heels and short skirts.”
  2. Try Spanx instead. According to Garcia, they’re “life altering footless control top pantyhose that should be worn whenever a woman wants to appear a size smaller.”
  3. Look into black opaque tights. They became a staple in the 1960’s when short skirts and mini dresses walked the streets. Tights are measured by their density and the term is called “denier.” The higher the denier, the more opaque the tight. She sheerest is 5 and the highest is 80, which would make it the darkest.
  4. Instead of cheap pantyhose that pull and rip, try more expensive tights to get more bang for your buck. You don’t want to see any skin through the tights because it looks messy. Try instead splurging on a pair of Wolfords. They’re comfortable and durable so they’re worth the extra cost.
  5. Pantyhose are a matter of opinion: some people think it looks dated, other’s don’t. Know what when you wear them you’re polarizing people who are looking at you. Why take the risk when you have four others that don’t do that instead?

Baffled on baring legs? Click here for more assistance. 



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