Sneak Preview of the Upcoming Ruby, Inc. Website

We’ve been working behind-the-scenes with Meagan Nicole Photography, That Shuu Girl, Adrienne Sensenig, Personal Conceirge, and 717 Studios to create a fabulous new website. Now it’s still in the works but we thought you’d like to see some of the photos. As you know 10 percent of all our gross will be going to the Humane League of Lancaster County this year, hence why Moose the Pit Bull Therapy Dog (read his story here) is also featured. (Plus he’s freakin’ adorable so why wouldn’t we photograph the little bugger?)

Want to get behind all this momentum and get a makeover of your own? That’s easy. Click here.

6257_10151603261755935_1812537298_n 21302_10151603261395935_1195304144_n-1 21302_10151603261395935_1195304144_n 181399_10151603260695935_98777733_n 183099_10151603261005935_1809106811_n 248269_10151603262035935_1794053347_n 253350_10151603261315935_881968047_n 255431_10151603261455935_1784491865_n 264595_10151603261820935_1429491411_n 268948_10151603261025935_39035879_n 268961_10151603261140935_1881639291_n 283661_10151603260800935_582272777_n 309914_10151603261245935_1412936700_n 375049_10151603260795935_1784783334_n 375051_10151603262135935_528691270_n 394401_10151603261125935_1673898708_n 486828_10151603261580935_829660517_n 944418_10151603260705935_1273685690_n 944568_10151603261165935_122017206_n 945790_10151603261415935_1932652513_n-1 945790_10151603261415935_1932652513_n 946217_10151603261915935_1981691743_n 946734_10151603262075935_687058266_n 947056_10151603261035935_1479235330_n 947107_10151603260910935_715785029_n 969212_10151603262100935_767993122_n 969437_10151603261285935_2103344472_n 969472_10151603260780935_198363750_n 969874_10151603260885935_41757829_n 969981_10151603262010935_398946832_n 970398_10151603261950935_1505852838_n 970763_10151603261555935_2126659533_n 971183_10151603261645935_1073406901_n 971768_10151603260920935_1395693866_n 971930_10151603261775935_1938443800_n 972348_10151603261890935_1087097327_n


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