See How Easily You Can Look Magnificent in Photographs

Barbara Searles, owner of Bodyworks Integrative Health, contacted Ruby, Inc. for styling for her professional headshots by Jeremy Madea.

Her hair was styled by Terry S. Moore and Rose Ann Linken did her makeup.

Barbara wanted to look timeless in her photos so we played with colors that would highlight her eyes and hair while looking age appropriate.

Barbara said:

My husband and I are launching a new company ConfidentWellness.com, so the time was perfect for some professional photos. Although the whole idea of being on camera makes me nervous, Jasmine made the entire experience of wardrobe styling fun and relaxing. I learned so much from her–not just for the photo shoot but for my every day wardrobe as well. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for help with their closet and wardrobe!

Check out the results below.

215336_10201268163849874_1853523429_n 302053_10201243927163972_1688369171_n 936667_10201243903883390_1685233306_n

Need help shopping your own closet for an upcoming headshot? Click here for more information.


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