Frugal Friday: The RealReal

We’ve stumbled across The RealReal, a new luxury resale store where all of the luxury designer items are selected by stylists, authenticated and amazingly priced.


It’s a membership only site and according to Yelp, it’s got mixed reviews. The audience is a bit polarized including comments from users that range from glowing reviews including:

As a customer, I have found the most amazing deals and many of the items I’ve purchased were new with tags. I’ve purchased two Chanel bags, an amazing Chanel leather jacket with tags, YSL dress with tags, Prada booties never worn, Balenciaga dress, Stella dress and the list goes on and on. I hate paying retail for designer clothes now and have significantly reduced my buying at Net-a-porter and Barneys. Packages always arrive nicely wrapped and recently the company changed to white fabric garment bags I reuse. I’ve never had an issue with a return and responses from customer service have always been prompt and friendly, especially Maria!  

I’ve told all of my friends about the site and they have all become shoppers too. We are all amazed at the quality and prices. I don’t know a better place to shop online for discounted luxury items. All of the discount designer flash sites like Gilt, Rue La La etc have the same crappy merchandise.

To scathing reviews including:

I’m sad to have to update my RealReal review again, but having not heard back from customer service, being a paying first look member, and apparently my email address now being “invalid/not recognized,” so I can’t even log in to buy items on a site I pay for membership on, is a bit frustrating.

I’ve been trying to log in a few different times, on various days over the past week +, to buy items, and it kept stating my password was incorrect (I knew it was not).  Only upon finally putting in “I forgot my password,” and typing in my email address (at which I still receive daily sales alerts), was I told that I am not a member.  Odd, as I pay $5/month for first look membership, but cannot even log in as a non-paying, regular member.  I wrote customer service regarding the issue (especially as it clearly has been ongoing, but I had no idea), but have yet to hear back, when I’ve wanted to buy various items.

To make matters worse, I’m in London, so when I finally had a Balenciaga wallet I bought on therealreal shipped to me from the states (as they still don’t ship internationally, but claimed they would be doing so by now), I see that the wallet, while thankfully authentic, is nothing as advertised.  

It is a covered money wallet, where the covering on the hardware has worn off entirely, so it looks like a combination of giant hardware, covered hardware, and regular hardware.  Further, there was someone else’s (the seller/prior owners) health insurance card inside! 

We at Ruby, Inc. have yet to use the service but it’s another opportunity for you to vet. If you use it, let us know what you think.

In the meantime, if you want more tips and tricks from our personal stylists, click here for more information.


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