Frugal Friday: Online Consignment Shops for High End Brands

Disclaimer: We haven’t used these services yet so we cannot verify how efficient these companies are nor if they have friendly customer service.

As you know each Friday we scour the web to find deals and plop them in your inbox.

Today we’ve got two.

First there’s Bella Bag, which gives you the opportunity to pursue bevvy of used & pre-owned authentic designer handbags. They carry a huge selection of designer bags from top brands including Louis Vuitton.

According to Jezebel Culture:

It’s no secret that vintage is in; so it’s going to be next to impossible to snag that clas- sic Chanel handbag you’ve been drooling over, right? Not quite. Bella Bag’s Cassandra Connors scours fashion houses across the globe from her Atlanta base to find the best investment bags she can, then sells them for a 30-to-70 percent markdown. In other words, $4,250 retail for a gold-chained jumbo maxi- flap is slashed to just over two grand. Talk about an investment strategy!


Then there’s Tradesy. It’s free and fast way to sell clothes online. In 60 seconds you upload your items to the site, Tradesy keeps 9 percent and you keep the rest, and then you cash out with Paypal. It’s that simple. According to TechCrunch, it’s a $1.5 million dollar VC backed startup and they even take wedding dresses.


Want more tips? Click here.



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