Love Letters from the Gentlemen

Last night we had the opportunity to hang out with budding entrepreneurs at YTI and this morning we received quite a few lovely e-mails. We’d like to share them.

Jasmine, on behalf of YTI we wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to visit with us and relay some really great information about your company and how you’ve grown it to what it has already become in a short amount of time. You certainly captured the students’ attention and conveyed some great ideas and insights that will hopefully serve them well. Thank you for this! Thank you once again for taking the time to speak with our students, it was a great opportunity for them and they instantly recognized that!

Kevin Appnel
Program Director
Business Administration & Golf Course Management

Hey Jasmine!! I just wanted to say thanks for coming down and talking about your business. You were really professional and prepared, and yet you stayed very calm and somewhat witty haha. I must say, you were probably my favorite guest speaker we’ve had. You were very entertaining, and fun to listen/talk to.

Joe Werner

Thanks again for coming in, you impressed everyone in that room. My one professors John Bart plans to contact you, he’d like to sit down and pick your brain. The man is really sharp. Without a doubt my favorite teacher I’ve ever had, and is not easily impressed…you blew him away!

Dane Wildt, budding entrepreneur, who interviewed us here

Speaking of favorite teachers, one of Jasmine’s personal favorite teachers (and she’s got four who blow her mind) sent her a letter that brought tears to her eyes. It’s below. The simple fact of the matter is, gentlemen, thank you for your support. You’re amazing and we need this encouragement because some days it’s tough being a budding entrepreneur.

If you want to get behind this momentum or send us your own love letter click here.



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