See How Easily We Raised $4,000 for Charity

There’s great value in just showing up.

Our crew learned that this past month when we were invited out to Sun Motor Cars Porsche-Audi for the Central Penn Business Journal‘s Women of Influence Award party. Every time we posed in one of their fabulous driving machines they donated $200 to Safe Harbor, an emergency for single females and families who are in desperate need of a safe place to live and where they can get their lives under control. Each time Mandy and Jasmine sat in a car, they’d donate $400, so needless to say, we posed in all of the cars. Now we know you’ve seen photos of the event and if you haven’t they’re attached but we’re humbled by the letter from the company. Thank you for teaching us that just showing up makes a difference.

Want to get behind this momentum? Click here for more information.

[Untitled]0011655_495393137174998_2064036782_n 480112_498233296890982_478010771_n 5618_495392980508347_551847903_n 481160_495392977175014_734663534_n 3444_495393003841678_863732095_n 550055_495393060508339_1670454879_n 554980_495393037175008_636792285_n 482000_495392920508353_1044880904_n 581848_495393093841669_807495520_n 530494_495392950508350_1709044252_n


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