Do You Make These Mistakes and Beat Yourself Up?

This weekend our founder, Jasmine’s, dear friend called her and explained to her why she failed at something she attempted to do. In this case it was a test and it was a really important one. The young woman didn’t pass but she said she was proud of attempting to grow in her field and she studied her butt off just to be able to take that test. Jasmine let her know how proud of her she was–how she knew how much time she had sacrificed to prepare and she could see how much the young woman had grown during her preparation. Still, her friend was sad. She wanted to win. She wanted to pass. She wanted to be a success. And the outcome felt crumbling.

Maybe you’ve felt the same way.

Maybe you’re having a day when you like Bjork when she made the 2001 Worst Dressed List when she wore a swan to the Academy Awards. You feel like everyone’s watching you and you knew you made a misstep and you’re just embarrassed, deflated and beating yourself up. It’s like an albatross of failure hanging around your neck as punishment for your misstep.



We’ll, we’re going to introduce you to a concept that will improve your confidence and feelings of self-worth immediately. It’s a little concept called grace. It’s where you give yourself honor or credit–regardless of the outcome.

So what if you made a blunder? You learned.

So what if your dress ripped on the dance floor and everyone saw your underwear (guilty!).

So what if you fell apart on the floor bawling your eyes out because you’ve had a series of tough days that you’re not sure if you can rebound from or not (guilty!).

Maybe you failed your drivers test. (Guilty! In fact, our founder failed her test 13…count them 1,2,3,4,5,6…you get the picture…all the way to 13 times before she passed.)

The simple fact of the matter is we all goof up now and again. The point is, you tried and you’re just going to keep trying. Know you gave it 100 percent and regardless of the outcome–whether it’s a swan suit, a ripped dress or a shredded 13 months of self-esteem until she just learned to laugh about it from not being able to master parallel parking–that grace is a fabulous accessory.

Success and failure are just perceptions but you can carry grace with you wherever you go. It’s a mindset that shows on the outside.

The simple fact of the matter is, grace is one of the most gorgeous things you can cultivate. It’s better than pearls, far greater than anything on the Must Have List and you get to carry it with you no matter where you travel.

So if you’re having a week, a day or even a month when you’re feeling down, worthless and broken, remember the best accessory you can wear is strength, dignity and grace.

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