Who Else Wants to be a Podcast Star?

We’re really not sure how this whole venture came to be, but our founder, Jasmine has started tinkering around with podcasting with the Keesey and Duff show.

How’d we get into these antics? Who knows, honestly? It was an opportunity that cropped up and Jasmine and Chris Duff have known each other since they were 15 years old. But you can hear all about that here under the podcast “Two Guys and One Chick.”


We’re excited to partner with this start up for three main reasons:

1) Running a start-up is stressful and it’s a lot of fun to learn about podcasting with other budding, young entrepreneurs who sit around and make you laugh for an hour a week.

2) It’s totally ridiculous. The things these guys talk about are off the chain. They’ve both got extensive experience in radio. Duff has worked for Cumulus Broadcasting at Mix 107.3 FM, and he’s the Afternoon Drive/Production Director/ Station Imaging at First Media Radio. He’s a member of the Screen Actors Guild and he’s got the “Fastest Hands in Harford County” (but you’ll learn about that in the podcast here). Then there’s Scott Keesey, and not only is his claim to fame that he can cut perfect diamonds in grass (seriously who can do this?) but he’s also been on the air at 98 Rock.

3) The show is totally off-brand for Ruby, Inc. and it’s fun to flex our entrepreneurial muscles and see what else we can learn, do and grow in the process.

So, tune in (if you’re a grown-up, kids need not listen). Have fun, kick back and relax each week and listen as we embark on our newest adventure with fellow entrepreneurs.

Now want to get back to fashion? Click here for more information.



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