Begin to Banish Your Insecurities Once and For All

At Ruby, Inc., we like to do the most possible good. In a recent partnership with That Shuu Girl Boutique and A Touch of Perfection in Lancaster, PA, our businesses worked together to give our second makeover to another deserving young woman named Mandy.

Mandy recently uprooted from Texas to Pennsylvania after experiencing a tragedy to be closer to her family. We know she’s smart, beautiful and strong so we gave her a day to herself to experience a Cinderella moment for free.

How do we do it?

And as you know may know when Ruby, Inc. clients book a closet editing, which is where a personal stylist reviews your wardrobe and decides what to purge, what to have tailored and where you’ll need to splurge, a personal stylist will also (with your permission) donate your unneeded clothing to thrift shops to promote local job growth or sell your unwanted clothing on Threadflip. You can see the store front here.

One hundred percent of Ruby, Inc.’s sales on the Threadflip site are then donated to style women in need.

You can see our first makeover here.

To enhance your own wardrobe while doing good, check our out Threadflip store here or to schedule an appointment with a personal stylist click here.


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