Frustrated? See How Easily You Can Build Self-Confidence in This New Way

Do you wish when you were getting dressed you could find clothes that fit your individual shape and had a sounding board to talk with a friend who would listen to your needs and help you find a workaround for it? Our founder, Jasmine, had that very conundrum and it turns out, she learned she wasn’t alone.

We figured, as entrepreneurs, we could tackle this head on and so we created a custom solution to address it.

If you want to learn how you can easily build self-confidence like our customers, we’ve got 10 quick tips to ensure your success.

1) Know who you are. Think about your age, your occupation and your lifestyle.
2) Look for inspiration. Try our Pinterest page here to help brainstorm and see if you prefer a classic style, a bohemian style, a minimalist style, high fashion, or street style.
3) Know what you want to accomplish. Do you want to thin out your wardrobe? Dress for a special event or revamp your entire wardrobe. Know what you want.
4) Know your body shape.
5) Assess your current wardrobe.
6) Make a few necessary changes.
7) Stock up on wardrobe essentials. Not sure what they are? See our Pinterest page here.
8) Stay in your comfort zone.
9) Trust your instincts.
10) E-mail a personal stylist here to set up a complimentary consultation.

Unsure of the process? Wish your friends had tried it first. They have and here’s what they’re saying:

“I believe that you take each client as an individual and address their needs. I think your attitude is always positive which really helps when the client has low self esteem which is most of the time. You also have a clear knowledge of how to do things in a cost effective way and that means alot to the client who is on a tight budge but wants to look their best.”

“I was very pleased with the support Ruby, Inc. gave to me and the information Jasmine, the founder, provided me with. I will always think of her moto “there’s just not enough fabric” and I have told that to many of my friends. It was nice knowing what she recommended would look the best on my body because some things I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. Also, that since I am a larger size looking in the plus size pants have been helpful.”

“Jasmine is extremely knowledgeable about her business, Ruby, Inc. I learned a great deal about dressing properly for my body type which has increased my confidence. In addition, I was able to donate clothing and clean out my closet!!!”

Try our tips for free and if you can’t figure it out, click here to set up a complimentary consultation so we can help you on your way.


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