Six Tips to Silence Your Inner Mean Girl

We all have it. That voice inside your head that that tells you, “Bleh, my thighs are jiggly,” “I’ve got a tiny chest” or “I’ve got the world’s biggest butt.” How do you make it pipe down?

First be willing to admit you’re beating yourself up for no reason. You will never be perfect. It’s unrealistic. Tell that voice to pipe down or at least become self-aware enough to know you’re doing it.

According to Glamour.com, in a story by Shaun Dreisbach entitled: Shocking Body-Image News: 97% of Women Will Be Cruel to Their Bodies Today

Research at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, suggests that women who obsess over their body and diet have chronically elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol (even when their life is not otherwise stressed)—and, as a result, may suffer from elevated blood pressure, lower bone density, higher amounts of unhealthy belly fat and even menstrual problems. “And this was among women in their twenties!” exclaims lead researcher Jennifer Bedford, Ph.D. “If you continue on this path, it could have a real impact on heart, bone and reproductive health 10 or 20 years down the road.”

So what can you do?

Here are six keys to moving forward from “Ew, I hate my body,” to “I feel pretty cute today.”

  1. Tell your head to cut the crap. You’re not going to be perfect and don’t stand around with your girlfriends obsessing about your bodies. I know it’s one way women bond but it’s not healthy. If your loved one verbally beat you up the way you’re doing it inside your head, you’d dump the punk. So dump the punk inside your head.
  2. Get sized. Maybe you’re not feeling as confident as you could because you’re wearing clothes that are ill-fitting. If every piece of clothing you try on pinches you here, pulls skin up there or is pulled so tight that the seams are coming apart just so you can fit into a certain size, you’re just reinforcing your negative body images. Just because you can squeeze in pants, a bra or a dress doesn’t mean it fits you.
  3. Get Spanx or Assets. They’re seamless underwear that slim and smooth your shape. It’s just a way to have a smooth foundation so you can drape fabric over your body and it looks more flattering.
  4. Buy the basics. If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in clothing, that’s no big deal. Just work on the basics first so you have clothing that’s fit for work, going out and play. Make sure they fit by investing in good quality clothing regardless of the size. Dress for the widest part of your body, not the most narrow.
  5. Take your clothes to a tailor. It’s a $15 investment that makes your clothes fit perfectly. No pinching. No pulling. No squishing skin. The clothing will skim the body.
  6. Get gorgeous. Take a look in the mirror and realize you’re worth the investment–even if you’re not perfect. You’re worth it just because you’re valuable. It’s not something you had to attain by working, being a certain size, being or not being in a relationship or anything else. You just are; just because.

Take a look at how these women learned to feel pretty by following those six simple steps.

For more information or to get help beating your inner mean girl, click here.


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