Get Rid of Your Ill-Fitting Clothes Once and For All

It’s tough to find clothes that fit, isn’t it? You know why? So often our clients are worried about the size of the clothing that they’re wearing. They’re afraid that if they don’t fit into a size 2, 4, 10 or 18 that somehow they’re not worthy. They think that their worth is wrapped up in a number.

But they’re wrong.

A young sculptor we know named Kiernan Lofland said he was fascinated with fashion because it’s all about proportions and how clothes drape across the body. He said you can literally reshape a body based upon how you move clothes around it. But first, you need to know the foundation that you have available. Fit is really about proportions; not a measure of worth.

So we’ve found this handy little chart on Pinterest to help you better understand how to measure your body. Once you know your measurements, you’ll know the foundation that you have to build a solid wardrobe. So stop worrying about the size of the clothes you’re putting on your body.

Start thinking about how you can drape clothing over your body in a way that makes you feel confident and sexy. Work with what you’ve got instead of fantasizing about what you wish you had. You’re pretty amazing regardless of the numbers.

Need help figuring it all out? Click here for more information.


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