Give Us 13 Pieces–And We’ll Give You the Secret of Making 31 Outfits in No Time

At Ruby, Inc. we get tons of requests for closet editings. Men and women alike call us to let us know that the ladies in their lives have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Oftentimes we find that women have a plethora of choices, many of them poor ones, when they’re deciding how to cover their bodies. Then they get confused.

Does this go with that? Does this color work with my skin tone? Why do these pants give me muffin top? Look at my belly. I’ve put on weight since I got married/since we broke up/since I started this new job. Ugh… the dress fits in the waist but it hurts my boobs so badly I can’t even wear a bra when I’m in it.

We propose that maybe your body isn’t the problem. Maybe it’s your brain. Maybe it’s how you think. Maybe if you stopped dressing for the body you wish you had and started appreciating what’s right in front of you you’d feel better about yourself instead of breaking yourself down. What about thinking counter-intuitively? That’s what we propose. If you’re frustrated by the endless choices that more, more, more bring you, try the opposite approach for a different result. Accept your body for what it is, just the way it is, and sculpt around it accordingly.

Try this, for example. It’s a diagram we found on Pinterest. With just 13 articles of clothing they put together 31 outfits. That’s an entire month’s worth of clothing. That’s pretty amazing. It’s simple, elegant and a big time saver in the morning. Plus these particular pieces never go out of style so that’s a big money saver, too.


Now, if this seems daunting, we can help. That’s no problem. We’ve helped tons of clients who are women just like you:

“Ruby, Inc. saved my marriage! It’s true. She showed me how to bring home designer brands that I could have never afforded for a fraction of the cost. I can now tackle thrift shops with ease. I know exactly what I’m looking for and can bypass the rest. More importantly, Jasmine helped me discover the confident woman buried under clothes that didn’t work for me or reflect my personality. I feel like I’m better equipped as a role model for my daughters to show them how a woman should carry herself and express herself.” — A. B.

“I had a blast with you and I am feeling great!  I took one of your suggestions and wore the beige skirt, beige and black print jacket with a black cami and black heels to church.  I had several people saying I looked great and they loved the outfit! It made my day.  I am impressed with your work and expertise and  I just wanted to say thank you… you helped me in more ways than you know…” –JoAnn

You didn’t just create a company; you’ve created a ministry. You’re going to transform how women see themselves and make them realize they have value. That’s incredible!” — Janine

Need further proof? Click here and here to see before and afters or see our reviews on Yelp.

Then click here to get started with a complimentary consultation.




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