Profanity and Humanistic Psychology Inspired by Pinterest

Carl Rogers, the greatest exponent of humanistic psychology once said:

Every human being, with no exception, for the mere fact to be it, is worthy of unconditional respect of everybody else; he deserves to esteem himself and to be esteemed.

Now this girl’s shirt, though profane,  embodies that sense of self-confidence in our opinion. And it’s confidence like this that we hope that women can wear in their hearts.


We work with women all the time who fixated on parts of their bodies that they believe are flawed and in turn they believe they’re somehow incapable of being valued. They say their breasts aren’t big enough or that their belly is flabby or that their rear end is too big, too flat or too something.

We don’t believe that. We believe your gorgeous and it’s just our job to show you.

Want to know how we do it? Click here to find out more.


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