Streamline Your Life: Get Rid of Your “Can’t Find Anything to Wear” Conundrum Once and For All

After polling 2,500 women ages 16-60 in 2009, UK retailer Matalan learned that they spend almost a year of their lives deciding what to wear. The average female will spend 287 days rifling through their wardrobe.

On average they spend 20 minutes picking out an outfit to wear before going out, weeknights take 20 minutes and holiday and party dressing takes 52 minutes. It takes 10 minutes in the morning to find something acceptable and women try on at least two outfits before coming to a final decision. One in two women spend 15 minutes the night before work, deciding what to wear.

Wow. That’s crazy.

Now you already know the benefits of editing your wardrobe from Gina (see video below) but our founder, Jasmine, decided to take it one step further and see if she could streamline her own wardrobe even more.

Here are the results: She didn’t repeat a single outfit for 2 weeks. It took her 3 minutes to pick out clothing each morning. She was able to leave the house 30 minutes early. Her hair was fully dried and styled daily. She was able to put on makeup daily without rushing out the door or putting it on in the car. She was comfortable. She felt less stress. No one noticed that she limited her wardrobe choices and she even got compliments on her new haircut and makeup applications.

The verdict? Less options equals more time and less stress. And below are all of the elements she used for two weeks barring underwear and bras.

1969 sexy boyfriend jeans - citrineeqzoom85334218Black-Chuck-Taylor-Low-topscheetah+scarf+tonaliflipsideBlazer_greyA9F37AC8jonathan-michael-polished-camel-hair-coat-single-breasted-for-women-in-camel~p~2628c_02~340imagesheather-gray-front-hrphoto_2White-Tankwomens-black-tuxedo-t-shirt-back-hr

Want to streamline your mornings? Click here for more information.


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