We’re Nearly to 700 Votes for the FedEx Small Business Plan Competition for $25,000

As of this a.m. we’re nearing 700 votes for FedEx’s Small Business Plan Grant Competition for up to $25,000. We’re excited and we’re thrilled that you’ve been backing us this past month.

But we’re not to the end yet. We have until Saturday, Nov. 24 at midnight to get all of our votes in and counted. We also know tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you’ll most likely be with your family and friends then and in the throes of chaos during Black Friday shopping the next day. So we need you to put in a little extra effort today to help us win.

It’s simple. Just vote here.

Then share this throughout your e-mail lists, social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and more so even more people can vote between now and Nov. 24 at midnight. If we get a huge bump now we project that it’ll push us past the competition during the holiday.

But we can’t do it without your help.

So vote here and share.


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