We Need Your Help to Win $25,000 from FedEx

FedEx has launched its first-ever, nationwide small business grant competition which will award a total of $50,000 to six deserving U.S. small businesses. The top winner will receive a $25,000 grant and the remaining five winners will receive grants of $5,000 each.

We’re in the running. And you are the determining factor if we’ll win or not.

That’s why we need you to vote and vote here every single day until the close at 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 24.

In December, FedEx will review the entries and select and announce the top 100 finalists based on their contest profile and the number of votes they receive from Facebook users. The top six small businesses – including the grand prize winner – will be announced in January.

Vote here so they’ll announce our name.

Here’s what we had to do to get in the running, we answered three questions, each in 500 characters or less, and described our business, explain why we deserved a grant and state what we will do for their business with the money should they win.

The campaign is designed for participants to promote their profiles among their own customers and fan bases throughout their social media networks to generate votes for their businesses.

“FedEx has long recognized that small businesses are incredibly vital to the health of both the global economy and local communities,” said T. Michael Glenn, executive vice president of Market Development at FedEx. “Providing these grants is yet another way for FedEx to show our support for small businesses as we continue to create programs to help give them a head start and access to new opportunities.”

And to get these new opportunities we need you to vote today, tomorrow and everyday until Nov. 24.

Vote now.


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