We’re 112 Votes Closer to Winning a $25,000 Grant And We Need Your Daily Vote

Our entry in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest was accepted. Now we need your help to spread the word about our business and start bringing in votes on Facebook. More votes can help our business become a grant finalist.

Voting ends on November 24, 2012.

Vote here.

Here’s the gist:

We believe you’re beautiful. It’s our job to show you. Take Gina; she didn’t feel worthy of nicer things because she was self-conscious of her body. We work with women like Gina to combat their negative body images and teach them how to dress for their body. Ten percent of all sales are gifted to non-profits. Their unflattering clothes are then sold through Threadflip and the sales are used to style low-income women pro bono. We’re stylists, and social-entrepreneurs. We’re Ruby, Inc.

How $25,000 Will Help

A small business grant will allow our founder to focus on growing the business instead of running all aspects of it from marketing to sales, business planning, financials and more. A $25,000 grant will allow her to outsource jobs to people who have the skill sets which benefits the economy and strengthens the business.

Our Plans for the Grant

First, we’ll purchase a laptop computer for our bookkeeper and send her to accounting classes so she can become well-versed in new technology. She’s 80 years old and living on social security. This class will afford her the opportunity to become competitive in the market place once again. Second, we’ll outsource marketing material to the local business community, strengthening relationships while growing the business. Finally, we’ll bring on an intern for hands-on experience.

Vote daily until Nov. 24. Vote here every day.


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