And The Winner Is…

Congrats to the winners of our first EBV Business Plan Competition, held during EBV-National in Denver this weekend. There were 42 plans were submitted and narrowed down to 10 semifinalists. EBV-SU 2009 grad Jonathan Kuniholm won 1st place for StumpWorx. EBV-FSU 2012 alum Paul Hurley and EBV-FSU 2012 grad Amy Wasko tied for 2nd for their businesses CazaNoVa Brewing & Sound and inDegree. The 32 grads who didn’t make the semi-finals cut participated in a 90-sec. venture pitch competition. EBV-UConn 2012 grad Meghan Brunaugh won 1st place for Combat2Career, EBV-UConn 2012 grad Nisha Money came in 2nd for Veteran Healing & Wellness Village, EBV-FSU 2009 grad CJ Geer finished 3rd for DMG LLC and EBV- Josiah Schultz came in 4th for 212 Fitness. In addition, EBV- Corey Jeffries was awarded Best Social Venture for his business New Hope Vertical Farming, LLC and EBV-Cornell 2012 grad Alex Van Breukelen won the Venturing Impacting Veterans award for The America.

Although Ruby, Inc. didn’t win. We learned a lot. We had the opportunity to pitch our business plan in front of hundreds of people without yacking on our shoes.

We learned the definition of an Irish Car Bomb and that we’re not supposed to use that phrase in Ireland.


And we learned that when you drink in Denver  because of histotoxic hypoxia, the combined pressure of high altitudes and the reduced ability of the hemoglobin to absorb oxygen, the effect of alcohol in the blood, during flight at high altitudes, is much more pronounced than at sea level.

Although our founder rarely gets rowdy these days when you’re hanging out with Justin and soon-to-be Mrs. Pless and their friends and listening to a Blues band at an Irish bar, it’s not the worst place in the world to feel the effects of 2 to 3 times the feeling of a drink at sea level.

We saw the Guinness Book of World Records Zombie crawl, drove to Boulder and Lewisville, watched the sun set over the Flat Irons and totally fell in love with Colorado.

We learned from Google, ate like kings and discovered just how passionate we are about entrepreneurship.

What’s this mean in a nutshell? We had a blast.

Most photos by 2012 Studio JK Photography.

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2 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. Congratulations to YOU, Jasmine and Ruby, Inc, for having the courage to go boldly where you’ve never gone before (again), to take a risk (again) and to make a difference in people’s lives (again) by being such a good role model! WAY2GO!

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