Love Letters

Last evening we worked with a lovely client named L. who wanted to downsize her wardrobe and come up with a few key pieces that she could wear for the next few decades.

We focused on lush fabrics, classic colors and high-end accessories. Then we encouraged L. to sell her clothing via Threadflip. She wrote in about the experience.

Closets full of clothes and nothing to wear? Overwhelmed with what you’ve got and not quite sure how to pare it down to a workable wardrobe? Drooling over advertisements for closet systems that feature 12 pieces of clothing in it and wondering where the rest of the clothes are? I’ve been struggling with these issues for awhile, but despite my best efforts, time and energy- could not edit my closet to its bare bones…

Well, the exceptional Jasmine of Ruby, Inc. just left my house after a 3 hour blast… I am actually breathing, feel freer and easier and am marveling and my new wardrobe -that I’ve had along but just couldn’t find through the clutter and volume.

Thank you for a marathon session! Jasmine, I treasure your professionalism and judgment. You took a project I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to deal with myself, and turned my formerly failed attempts into a triumph.

This client discovered closet editings.

That’s when a personal stylist reviewed her wardrobe and decides what to purge, what to have tailored and where she’ll need to splurge.

Her unneeded items will be donated to local charities or to Threadflip where they will be sold and the proceeds will be donated to style women in need.

(In this case, our client wanted to sell the clothing herself and we hope she makes a killing!)

With closet editings, a personal stylist  created looks from clothing she already had. There wasn’t any need spend additional money on fresh frocks. She already had the perfect wardrobe hiding in her  closet. Her personal stylist will helped her discover it by rethinking her garments.

Finally, this client received a personal shopping list to help you fill in the items she may want to purchase in the future.

This is the most popular choice for clients looking to stretch their dollars and clients expect to spend a minimum of two hours editing her closet.

Curious about the process? Click here for more information.


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