It’s Been a Bangin’ Week for the Ruby, Inc. Crew

We’ve had a great week at Ruby, Inc. First, one of our fans shared this song with us and we’re going to pass it along to you, but first we want to give you the heads up that the material you’re about to hear is as funny and witty as it is peppered with mature language. Derik, thanks for supporting the Ruby, Inc. crew and egging us on with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis unleashing the amazing visuals with their comical yet catchy anthem “Thrift Shop” featuring Wanz.

Now that you’ve got that little ditty in your head, we’re going to share with you a little more fabulous news.

We’re heading out to Colorado the weekend of Oct. 19-21 and fingers crossed, we’re going to be pitching our business plan at the 2012 National Conference for the Business Plan Competition from the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp For Veterans with Disabilities Program from Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Business. (Go Orange!)

We’re competing for a combined $60,000 in prize money. Here’s how it works. First we’ll send in our business plan. Then, judges will narrow down the selection to a group of finalists and then on Oct. 20 if we get picked we’ll be able to give a 90-second elevator pitch to the judges for a chance at $5,000. Then the remaining folks will have the opportunity to do a 15 minute presentation and then it’ll be narrowed down again.

They’ve giving awards for Best Overall Venture, Special Categories and Pitch Plan Competition.

So here’s how this impacts you. If you’re a post 911 veteran or the spouse of one and entrepreneurship interests you, check out program here.

Then, this week we were interviewed for Harrisburg Magazine and the article is slated to run in December.

Keep a look out for the eHow videos (you can see the behind-the-scenes photos here and here) which are slated to launch in the coming weeks.

And don’t forget to check out our Threadflip store to shop for a good cause. You’ll be able to find high end labels at a fraction of the price and 100 percent of our sales through Threadflip will be used to dress women in need.

Want more information? Click here.


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