How to Style Your Clothes at Home

Our founder, Jasmine, loves Pinterest. You’re welcome to follow her boards here. Yesterday as she was jacking around on the Internet she found two stellar posts on there that she thought were quite useful to share.

The first is a simple diagram on how to roll jeans and which shoes to wear with which particular pant-leg style. You’re welcome to see the original pin here.

Once we realized the sheer genius of this post, we stumbled upon a stroke of serendipity. Much to our joy we learned that the ever-talented Mara Kofoed of Babble Voices posted “Tips from a J. Crew Personal Stylist.” In this post she teaches you how to roll a sleeve, how to roll a sleeve with a cardigan, how to wear a man’s sweater, when to wear nude or black shoes, how to wear an oversized belt, how to do a half tuck, how to wear double belts, and more.

Here are a few sneak preview images from the savvy post.

To learn how step by step how to style your clothes read the entire blog post here. 

And when you’re ready to beef up your style beyond belts, rolls and folds, click here to get in touch.


4 thoughts on “How to Style Your Clothes at Home

  1. Miss K says:

    I’m good with those first two images. The last one? With the partial shirt tail? mmm no. Too sloppy for me. To each her own,though, right?

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