How to Dress Like a Teacup and Reclaim Your Self Worth

Not too long ago, our founder’s mentor sat down and explained to her how to talk about sex with her young niece. She said, and forgive us for paraphrasing:

Ladies who wait for the right man are treated like a teacup. They’re beautiful, fragile and kept safe and taken out for special events. They’re cherished. But a woman who gives herself away time and time again is like a paper cup. She’s used once, crumpled up and thrown away.

At Ruby, Inc. we believe women ought to be treated like teacups, not paper cups. We know that for all sorts of reasons women are treated like paper cups. Perhaps they’ve been assaulted and have lost their sense of self worth. Maybe they have low self-esteem and believe that the best way of getting any attention is to dress in a provocative manner. Maybe they weren’t taught how to dress like a lady.

But we know from looking around that women and girls are hanging out of their clothes in all of these crazy ways and they’re giving the impression that they’re just a paper cup.

We’re here to remind you ladies that you’re teacups. You’re precious and beautiful and valuable.

If you feel like you’re worthless, here are a few resources in Lancaster, PA to begin to reclaim your self worth.









Then when you’re ready to work on your personal brand, click here to give us a call.


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