How Do You Find High-End Labels at Thrift Shops?

This past week we got a lot of feedback when our founder stumbled upon a Chanel scarf worth nearly $250 for a $1.99 at Goodwill. To be honest she felt like she was a thief because she found such a great piece at an astounding price.

But this isn’t the first designer piece that Jasmine found while thrifting. She has found numerous real Louis Vuitton bags, Chanel scarves, 7 for all Mankind and Citizens of Humanity jeans and Burberry purses and scarves.

So how does she do it? That’s the question she gets all the time. First, it’s all about luck. You’ve just got to stumble upon the right piece a the right time. But once you spot the piece, how do you know if it’s real or not?

The devil is in the details.

For example for Louis Vuitton bags, you’ve got to know a few key details:

Check out your bags on Louis Vuitton to make sure they were actually made. Then know the liner. There have never been brown suede linings.  A Speedy of any age should have brown cotton canvas lining. Make sure the logos line up. If not, it’s a knock off. Stitching should be even and regular. It should be made in USA, Spain, Germany and Italy if it’s 25 years old or younger.

For Chanel, you also need to know a few key details:

Chanel uses high quality calfskin not lambskin although they also use other fabrics. Know the bag you are trying to purchase and what it should be made of: calfskin or the Chanel caviar leather which is a pebble grain in the leather. Know what lining it should have. Chanel shopping bags are black with the word Chanel written across the front, nothing more, same for the dust bags  and boxes. Wallets and small leather goods do not come with dust bags, they are wrapped in black felt and placed in a Chanel box.

For Burberry, know these details:

Burberry Nova Check is symmetrical in handbags and leather goods and the pattern will always line up. The check has only three thick faint navy stripes crosshatching each other. In between the stripes, there is a white filling that is also faint. Also, the red thinner stripes cross exactly in the middle of the blue check.

The best way to point out a Burberry Font is through the serif on the Rs. The font is precise and can be seen specifically on buttons.

The Equestrian Knight logo should be precise and defined.

For vintage dresses:

Eighties dresses are often pawned off as 50s-era dresses. Here’s how to tell the difference: pre-1950s vintage clothing should have metal zips and fastenings rather than plastic. Hems should be hand sewn. The piece shouldn’t be made of nylon or polyester as they didn’t have that in the 50s and it shouldn’t have care instructions unless it’s post 60s.

So the next time you go thrifting, keep in mind these few details and you too just might stumble upon a $245 find for the price of a pack of gum.

Want help thrifting? Click here for more information.



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