Who Else Wants to be an Internet Star?

The Ruby, Inc. crew has some exciting news. Last month eHow.com picked our founder Jasmine to be their online style guru. This is great news for you because during the coming months we’ll be releasing a series of videos educating you on:

• What is semi-formal clothing
• How you can alter clothes for fuller figures
• How to find colors that look great with brown eyes and blonde hair
• How you can dress up slouchy boots
• How you can dress for an internship
• How to dress up a jean jacket
• How you can dress stylishly for an interview
• How you can be stylish at weddings
• How to to jazz up tennis shoes and t-shirts
• How to wear a wrap dress with boots
• How 20-something job seekers can dress for interviews
• How to be trendy in your 20s

And more.

You’ll have tons of free content at your disposal to help you boost your confidence, save you time and money and teach you how to dress for your body type.

This weekend our fabulous summer assistant Jenna along with stellar local filmmaker DJ Soto will be meeting up with Jasmine at the ever-adorable That Shuu Girl Boutique at 147 East King Street in Lancaster to put together the videos.

Stop by to check out the filming behind the scenes and use this coupon to save 10 percent in the store.

Want to chat with Jasmine? She’ll be busy filming on that day so reach out to her today to schedule a time to chat.

Click here to get started.


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