When I Lose 10 Pounds I’ll Be Able to Wear …

Ladies, let’s talk about lying today, shall we?

Now we’ve all told ourselves this lie. We’ve said, “When I lose ___ pounds I’ll be able to wear this ____.”

But here’s the deal. When you lose ___ pounds, then you’ll just go out and buy something that doesn’t fit again. It’s not your size or body shape that you need to change. Rather you need to change how you think about buying clothing.

So many women get caught up in squeezing into sizes that are just too small for them. The problem is, aside from the fact that it’s not flattering, it can have serious health side effects. According to Women’s Weekly New Zealand, it can cause some nasty side effects. Underwear that’s too constricting can cause yeast infections like thrust. Skin tight pants compress nerves in your legs. Super tight control pants force acid up to your gullet, and cause heartburn. It constricts your breathing and cause hyperventilation,panic attacks and stress incontinence.

We’re not writing this to scare you. We’re educating you because this lie that you’re telling yourself in unhealthy.

Because here’s the simple fact of the matter. Regardless of your size, it’s hard to find clothes that fit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 0 or a XXXL. It’s a challenge for each any every one of us.

Don’t believe us? Listen to Lauren. She has a tiny frame and she struggles to find clothes that fit. And it’s not like she’s an anomaly.

It’s a universal problem and we can help you solve it. If you’re not ready to give us a call, no worries. Here are a few quick blog posts to better hedge your bets.

Limit your wardrobe choices.

Avoid showing too much cleavage.
Hide your bra straps.
• Invest in a tailor.

If you’re ready to stop lying to yourself and then take the next step in finding clothes that fit your body type click here to get started.



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