See How Easily You Can Learn to Dress This New Way

You already know it doesn’t cost a lot to look like a million bucks and that it’s important to shop for clothing that suits your body type, your age and the style you’re hoping to achieve. Now let’s get down to the fun stuff, shall we?

Your accessories can make or break your outfit. With a simple hat, scarf or belt you can take a ho-hum outfit and turn it into a signature piece. At Ruby, Inc. we’re big fans of stretching your hard-earned cash so we love thrifting. Our favorite thing in the world is poking around thrift stores and consignment shops and picking up the basics like t-shirts, oversized items, jeans, jean jackets, neutral pants, tanks, t-shirt dresses and more and then turning that simple piece into an entire wardrobe with stellar accessories. We love hunting for new merchandise like belts, scarves and sunglasses. We love haggling. And we love rolling up our sleeves and scouring through bins to find the best pieces that everyone else is overlooking.

Just thinking about thrifting gets our blood pumping.

Take a look at this video with Lauren from The Lancast and see how a few key accessories can come together to make tons of different wardrobes.

Want some help thrifting, haggling and rolling up your sleeves to find the best piece? Perfect. Click here to give us a call.


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