And The Long-Awaited Answer…Who is Hotter?

We don’t know how we get roped into these sort of things. Our founder, Jasmine, sometimes has a tendency to say yes before her brain catches up with her mouth like the time Chris White, assistant vice president at PNC Bank goaded her into jumping in the icy Susquehanna River in January.

But this instance of yes before thinking has turned out to be a boatload of fun.

From time to time Jasmine gets to hang out with The Lancast crew and joke around with and .

Here’s our latest venture and if you’re wondering what we’re gabbing about, we took questions from the audience and followed their lead. Out of all of the things they could have asked us to solve–like what’s the meaning of life, how do you cure cancer, or let’s work together to solve the food shortage in third world countries–people wanted to know one simple fact: who is hotter?

Well, they wanted it so we answered.

Listen to the podcast here.

Spoiler alert: If you wait until after the ending credits you’ll hear David Moulton make a victorious if not guttural war cry.

Then if you missed our first edition, you’re welcome to listen to it here.

Want to learn more about what Ruby, Inc. does when they’re not goofing off with some of the best people in the world?

Click here to get more information.




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