Give Me $40 And I’ll Get You An Entirely New Wardrobe Guaranteed

The lovely Lauren Colyer Slesser of The Lancast asked if Jasmine of Ruby, Inc. would help her pick out a few outfits for $100 bucks or less.

Jasmine laughed.

“What?” said Lauren. “Do you think that’s enough money?”

“I think we could buy out the whole store for $100. Let’s go to Salvation Army,” said Jasmine.

“But I never have any luck there,” said Lauren. “Let’s just go someplace and pay full price so I know I’ll get what I need.”

“Let’s try thrift shopping  first and if we can’t find what we’re looking for then we’ll go to the mall.”


“I think we’ll be able to get all of your clothes tailored at Fine Tailoring by Harry for around $30 so let’s set your budget at around $70,” said Jasmine. “This way you’ll have clothes that fit your body at a price you can afford.”

“We can try it but I don’t think we’ll be able to do it,” said Lauren.

“Trust me,” said Jasmine.

Want to learn to stretch your dollar while developing a killer sense of style? Click here to get started.


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