What’s Your Excuse?

What is holding you back? Are you letting money, time, or weight prevent you from knowledge and developing a look? Many of our clients take their knowledge from Ruby, Inc. and apply it immediately to their life. The results are almost instant!

Like Kae:

“I enjoyed myself, Jasmine. It was a very helpful [getting styled for a video presentation with clothing from my own closet] session and I always have fun spending time with you. Thanks for being great at what you do.”

Kae didn’t want a large shopping tab to hold her back from learning new wardrobe skill sets that she needed. She was resourceful and she shopped her own closet. She didn’t let size or preconceived notions about what her body could or couldn’t wear hold her back from the experience. She just learned, embraced and moved forward with clothing that worked for her figure. Kae learned to shop her own wardrobe to find pieces that were age appropriate.

Best of all in two hours, we didn’t just find one outfit, we found an entire week’s worth of clothing that she could mix and match for all of her upcoming business events. So what is your excuse? If you are tired of being tired of the way you dress and ready for change, there are none. You need to call Ruby, Inc. and start learning how to dress for your body type now. Click here to get started.


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