University of Kansas Study: Shoes Tip Off Others to Your Personality

You know what’s crazy? Your shoes clue others into your personality traits.

It’s true. According to a recent University of Kansas study, you can judge 90 percent of a person’s personality by their kicks.

CNN’s “Starting Point” with Soledad O’Brien just released the report today.

Click here to see the video.

Then according to Midday’s lifestyle section, shoes reveal what’s in your soul.

The article states:

Psychologists from the University of Kansas found that the style, value, colour and condition of the footwear can paint a picture of the owner’s emotional, political and other vital personality traits.

It is such a giveaway that in the tests, observers who were shown a picture of a pair of shoes guessed around 90 percent of the wearer’s personal characteristics.

Sixty-three students looked at photographs showing 208 different pairs of shoes belonging to volunteers in the experiment.

Each of the volunteers filled in a personality questionnaire and each was told to provide their most commonly worn shoes for the experiment.

The observers were asked to look at each pair and guess the gender, age and social status of the owner.

This including whether the owner was an extrovert or introvert, liberal leaning or conservative, their emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness.

They got it right 90 percent of the time. Crazy, huh?

Want some feedback on what your shoes are telling people about you? Click here to get started.


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