You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Get a Fabulous Wardrobe

There are two kinds of women who know how to shop on a budget. The first has a closet full of inexpensive pieces. Maybe they’re from thrift shops, flea markets and inexpensive chain stores. And then the other knows how to mix high brow and cheap pieces.

Here’s the down and dirty of what to shop for and where.

Like military inspired pieces? You could always raid co-founder Cory Grimm’s wardrobe or better still, you can check out the army/navy surplus store. Jasmine’s dad introduced her to this store when she was going through a punk rock phase a number of years ago and it’s brilliant because you can find authentic military jackets, thermal shirts, old school raincoats, and sailor sweaters for a steal.

Here’s an old school shot of Jasmine at the beginning of her punk rock era.

Look for collectable band t-shirts at Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Check out pieces that have stripes or polka dots at the same places, too. If you’re savvy with labels you’ll find high end pieces for a fraction of the cost.

Finally, are you looking for high end designers at a price you can afford? There’s always Rent the Runway, but there’s also Bag Borrow or Steal, Threadflip and trendy chain stores. Brands like Proenza Schouler, Thakoon and Libertine can be found at Target whereas H&M sells Karl Lagerfield. Check out T.J. Maxx, too as well as Marshalls for today’s trends at a discount rate.

So in the end you don’t have to spend a lot to look like a million bucks.

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When Your Stories Undermine Your Self-Confidence

Ruby, Inc. asked a number of accomplished women what it took to boost their confidence. You’ll quickly find it wasn’t that they magically became confident when they lost a few pounds, when their breasts became even or even when they thought they were finally perfect. It was something far greater and far more achievable. You can read The Secret of Mastering Confidence here and Why Some Women Almost Always Appear Confident and Put Together here

By Marilyn Walker, CEO synergize!

Several years ago in an interview for a local paper, the reporter asked me what people would be surprised to know about me.

That took no thought at all: “That I am not always as confident as I appear.”

Recently I told a group of women that people see the “public” side of us. They see our public personas which include our accomplishments or commendations; our successes. Essentially they see us in our comfort zone, talking about something we know a lot about or doing something we do really well.

What they don’t see are the failures that preceded our successes; how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror; what we really think about our competence to accomplish a particular goal. They don’t see us shaking in our boots or sweating bullets before a presentation (at least we hope they don’t!).

They see us acting confident, so they assume we are confident. My biggest fear when I do a presentation? That people will realize how much I really don’t know. (See? Told you – I’m not always as confident as I appear.)

Few of us are raised with an excess of confidence. Often we have so many voices telling us we can’t do something – or we’re not worth it – that we begin to believe it. We create stories about ourselves based on what those voices have told us. “I’m not good enough to do that.” “I don’t deserve to have that.” It’s quite a challenge to counteract those voices as they follow us through life.

My life was filled with those voices telling me I wasn’t smart, I wasn’t pretty, I needed a husband to take care of me, I would “never amount to anything.” When I got my first job at 16 as a telephone switchboard operator my mother told me how lucky I was because now I’d “always have something to fall back on in case [my] husband left me.”

So how did I go from the not-very-smart-never-amount-to-anything girl to an accomplished business owner, albeit one who appears to be more confident than she really is?

I worked really, really hard at something that was really, really hard for me to do. And with each little goal I accomplished on the way to the Big Goal I discovered that I really could accomplish things – and do them well. Each goal I achieved increased my self-confidence, which helped me to set new goals which increased my self-confidence and, well – you get the picture.

My recommendation to those of you who also struggle with low self-confidence is this: Set a really, really hard goal, and do it. You may not know exactly how you’ll do it, and you’ll need friends and supporters along the way. But our self-esteem and self-confidence are directly related to how hard we have to work to accomplish something.

Remember that the goal has to be your goal, not somebody else’s goal for you. And you have to be honest with yourself about whether you’re willing to do what it takes to accomplish it. Don’t set a goal you know you aren’t going to do?

While you’re thinking of what goal to set, consider the voices you have in your head. What messages have you heard? What stories have you told yourself because of those messages?

And what would you do if those stories weren’t true?

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And The Long-Awaited Answer…Who is Hotter?

We don’t know how we get roped into these sort of things. Our founder, Jasmine, sometimes has a tendency to say yes before her brain catches up with her mouth like the time Chris White, assistant vice president at PNC Bank goaded her into jumping in the icy Susquehanna River in January.

But this instance of yes before thinking has turned out to be a boatload of fun.

From time to time Jasmine gets to hang out with The Lancast crew and joke around with and .

Here’s our latest venture and if you’re wondering what we’re gabbing about, we took questions from the audience and followed their lead. Out of all of the things they could have asked us to solve–like what’s the meaning of life, how do you cure cancer, or let’s work together to solve the food shortage in third world countries–people wanted to know one simple fact: who is hotter?

Well, they wanted it so we answered.

Listen to the podcast here.

Spoiler alert: If you wait until after the ending credits you’ll hear David Moulton make a victorious if not guttural war cry.

Then if you missed our first edition, you’re welcome to listen to it here.

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Get Rid of Your Tired Wardrobe and Lack of Self-Confidence Once and For All

How do you know what you don’t know? Everyone has an opinion, but who do you listen to in order to change your image? Listen to people who give you results.

Watch videos of real clients who have received real results with Ruby, Inc. styling.

These women are just like you and Ruby, Inc. has been producing astounding results for them. Not only have Ruby, Inc.‘s skills allowed the company to break even in less than six months but it the skills Ruby, Inc. shares with women have allowed them to be better role models for their children, helped boost confidence for special events, allowed one woman to feel confident standing at the New York Stock Exchange’s opening bell and helped women advance in their careers.

Ruby, Inc. zeros in on keys to unlock your your personal style and helps you:

• Generate more results from your efforts in less time
• Put your career (or business) on the fast track to hyper-growth through boosted confidence
• Discover how to dress for your body type and shop in any store with confidence from high end boutiques to Salvation Army

Get these results-producing skills to develop unstoppable confidence, personal growth and experience the same results we’ve seen many times over.

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Give Me $40 And I’ll Get You An Entirely New Wardrobe Guaranteed

The lovely Lauren Colyer Slesser of The Lancast asked if Jasmine of Ruby, Inc. would help her pick out a few outfits for $100 bucks or less.

Jasmine laughed.

“What?” said Lauren. “Do you think that’s enough money?”

“I think we could buy out the whole store for $100. Let’s go to Salvation Army,” said Jasmine.

“But I never have any luck there,” said Lauren. “Let’s just go someplace and pay full price so I know I’ll get what I need.”

“Let’s try thrift shopping  first and if we can’t find what we’re looking for then we’ll go to the mall.”


“I think we’ll be able to get all of your clothes tailored at Fine Tailoring by Harry for around $30 so let’s set your budget at around $70,” said Jasmine. “This way you’ll have clothes that fit your body at a price you can afford.”

“We can try it but I don’t think we’ll be able to do it,” said Lauren.

“Trust me,” said Jasmine.

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What’s Your Excuse?

What is holding you back? Are you letting money, time, or weight prevent you from knowledge and developing a look? Many of our clients take their knowledge from Ruby, Inc. and apply it immediately to their life. The results are almost instant!

Like Kae:

“I enjoyed myself, Jasmine. It was a very helpful [getting styled for a video presentation with clothing from my own closet] session and I always have fun spending time with you. Thanks for being great at what you do.”

Kae didn’t want a large shopping tab to hold her back from learning new wardrobe skill sets that she needed. She was resourceful and she shopped her own closet. She didn’t let size or preconceived notions about what her body could or couldn’t wear hold her back from the experience. She just learned, embraced and moved forward with clothing that worked for her figure. Kae learned to shop her own wardrobe to find pieces that were age appropriate.

Best of all in two hours, we didn’t just find one outfit, we found an entire week’s worth of clothing that she could mix and match for all of her upcoming business events. So what is your excuse? If you are tired of being tired of the way you dress and ready for change, there are none. You need to call Ruby, Inc. and start learning how to dress for your body type now. Click here to get started.


Bathing Suit Shopping Sucks

Let’s face it: Bathing suit shopping sucks. I don’t care how taut you are, how tall, thin, small-chested, big breasted, curvy, overweight or whatever you are—it sucks.

It’s demoralizing.

But you know something; we bring it on ourselves.

Here’s why.

We head to the store and pick up a few little numbers that we think are cute. Maybe we like the color, the cut or the fabric. And then we, as women, get the tiniest size that we can possibly imagine squeezing into. Why? Because for some reason it’s more important to squeeze into something with a tiny number than it is to cover our bodies with enough material.

Then we saunter into the room and prepare for the inevitable.

We pull. We push. We jump and we do that crazy little dressing room shimmy that we hope to heavens that no one ever sees us do trying to squeeze into this beast. Because it’s a 4 or a 6 or an 18 or whatever number we hope to be. (By the way, if you’re struggling with this idea check out this post.)

And then when we look in the mirror, this piece of skin is hanging out there and that little love handle is flopping to one side and we’re upset that our thighs jiggle or that our boobs are too saggy or that we don’t have enough boobs or that if we could just look like a supermodel we wouldn’t have these problems.

Then you do it again and again until we just settle for one that we’re confident will look good when we loose the next five, 10 or 15 pounds or when we get a boob job or liposuction or when we go on the next five day fast.

Ladies, if you can relate to this, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

You’re setting yourself up with unrealistic expectations.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: bathing suit shopping sucks. It sucks for the girls who have boob jobs and the ones whose bodies you covet. It sucks for skinny girls, curvier girls, taller girls and shorter girls. It just sucks.

Don’t believe me? Read In the Water They Can’t See You Cry. It’s a memoir by Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard, and she talks about her struggles with bulimia and the pressure from magazines to not only look thin but also muscular for photo shoots. This smart, accomplished woman who lives her life in a bathing suit struggles with her body, too and she’s not alone, which means you’re not alone either in your body insecurities.

Here’s the best way to go shopping for bathing suits. Know your body type. Know what areas you’d like to accentuate and which areas you’d like to camouflage. Then buy suits with enough fabric to cover your body—regardless of the size—and find suits that hug you in all the right places.

Need examples?

Check out these suits to learn to whittle your middle.

Whittle Your Middle

Smaller busted? No problem. These suits work wonders.

Get a Bust That Inspires Lust


Want to slim your thighs?

Slenderize Your Thighs


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