What’s New in Summer Jewelry Trends?

Want to get the latest in summer jewelry trends? Look no further.

As we mentioned before, Ruby, Inc. stands behind companies that share our core values. In this case, we’ve been honored to get to know the Plum Street Co-Op. It’s a group of four women who are overflowing with creativity and integrity.

The Plum Street Co-op began innocently enough when four friends began meeting during lunch to share their passion for jewelry and take-out.  It wasn’t long before they decided to make the Plum Street Co-op official so that they could sell and show their work together. The founding members include Monica Gibbel, Gail Jordan, Callie Nipper, and Terri Shadle.

Monica is a local artist who has her hand in many different areas of the art including: graphic design, photography, and fine art.  Her jewelry is simple but sophisticated using a variety of different materials and methods to create unique pieces.

Gail found her passion in repurposing found objects to make new jewelry.  Her current collection is inspired by her fascination with antique buttons.

Callie has been creating jewelry for more than five years. Using an eclectic mix of traditional and non-traditional materials, she seeks her inspiration from the people and places around her.

And Terri is an avid photographer and graphic designer. She not only seeks inspiration from her photography, but also incorporates her photographs into her jewelry creations.

Although the ladies of the Plum Street Co-op each have  different styles and inspirations, their jewelry is unique and fun across the board. They use a wide variety of materials ranging from buttons and photographs to semi-precious gemstones and glass beads.

Plum Street Co-Op will be showing this Friday from 5-10 at: Smith LaVia Studio, 329 North Queen in Lancaster.


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