Sometimes You Just Get Lucky

Sometimes you just get dumb luck and this week the Ruby, Inc. crew lucked out.

Co-founders Cory and Jasmine Grimm, graduated from the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (and their Family program) a number of months ago. (Go Syracuse!) This past week they got a lovely e-mail from Raymond Toenniessen, Director of Operations and Development, at the program. He said they had the opportunity to head to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville to see Rascall Flats and Kelly Pickler and more for a benefit for the EBV Program. Since the team loves Ray, Tina, Mike, and the rest of the EBV crew, they jumped at the opportunity to fly down to Nashville for a last-minute concert on Cory’s birthday.

Here’s what Ruby, Inc. learned in the south. Those folks are real hospitable. Before the founders checked into their rooms they had glasses of Arnold Palmer’s in hand and were bequeathed something rather unusual at a hotel.

They were given a stray kitten.

So Jasmine cuddled with the little orphan for a few hours before the concert, putting on Youtube to cats purring so the kitten would simmer down and take a nap.

When it was time to go, she gave it back to the hotel staff and the crew headed on over to the Grand Ole Opry for an exclusive backstage tour of the facilities including getting up on stage while they were performing.

Best of all they got to go with dear friends and fellow EBV grads, Dali Rivera, founder of Elite Revolutionary Solutions and her husband, Henry.

It was an honor to represent the program and despite Ray’s best efforts to kill them on the drive and give them an Arctic blast with the air conditioner, they made it back to Pennsylvania in one piece.

So from the Ruby, Inc. headquarters all the way to Nashville, thanks Humana for bringing us down and showing us, and the rest of the EBV program some southern hospitality.

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