Ladies: Get Rid of Your Man’s Wardrobe Issues Once and For All

Let’s start off with a disclaimer: at Ruby, Inc. we specialize in dressing women.

That said we have been flooded with questions from husbands, boyfriends and business associates on how they can beef up men’s attire. Our founder, Jasmine, has dressed a number of men in her life: chiefly her husband, Cory. So she knows from experience that guys are all about comfort. If Cory’s a microcosm of most men, he doesn’t like to try on clothes in the department store and if left to his own devices, he would most certainly have bought pleated front khakis, white shoes and a mobile phone carrier and wear it on his hip like an fanny pack.

Cory, however, has learned to develop a sense of style.

Here’s how.

He got sized at the Men’s Warehouse. This way he knows what suits fit him.

But maybe you don’t want to have someone size you up. No biggie.  If you’re the kind of person who likes to do-it-yourself: A suit jacket size is determined by measuring the thickest part of a your chest.

Measure just under your arms, across the chest, and over your shoulder blades. When measuring, it is important to keep the tape measure parallel to the floor. This will help to assure you are measuring the thickest part of the chest area.

Then take an over arm measurement. To take this measurement, place the tape measure over the outside of the arms across the thickest part of the chest.

Once you have this number subtract 7 inches to receive a corresponding chest measurement.

The largest measurement is the correct jacket size.

For more information check out “How to Measure a Man for a Suit Jacket.”

Pants sizes are determined by measuring the waist at the belt line. In most cases, the belt line will be found just on top of your hipbones.

To measure the shirt size, watch this Youtube video:

Once you’ve got all of your measurements in place, it’s important to purchase clothes that fit. It’s not a problem if they’re a wee bit too big as a tailor (and you should invest in one because they’re worth every dollar) can make it fit perfectly.

Now, onto shopping. If you’re anything like Cory, you have zero desire to hunt down clothes in the mall. You want to get in, get out, and get on with your life.

No problem.

Although we haven’t used these services in house, we know of a few that will ship clothing right to your doorstep.

Check out the Trunk Club.

The Trunk Club guys discover awesome clothes that are perfect for them without ever having to go shopping.

They scour the web for the best in men’s apparel, and they curate an ever-evolving assortment of pieces from their favorite designers. They fill the trunk and send it to you and you keep what you love and send the rest right back to Trunk Club, at no cost.

If you’re a bit fussier about what you look like, then there are places online to custom design your clothing. Check out the following sites:

Again, Ruby, Inc. hasn’t worked directly with these brands so your experience will be unique but we’d love to hear about it.

Finally we specialize in working with women so ladies, if you’d like help getting started on the right path, click here to get started. Gentlemen, for now, you’re on your own.


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