Ruby, Inc. Made It Into “Under 30 CEO” Today

Have you read Under 30 CEO? It’s an online/offline publication dedicated to covering news, advice, trends, and events about early stage businesses, highlighting what’s next in cities across the globe.

Under30CEO is dedicated to showcasing the future of business and it’s next generation of job creators, innovators and business leaders. Under30CEO is leading the way to educate and empower the young people of today who’s companies will be shaping industries and driving the economies of tomorrow.

And we made it in there today!

Check out Jasmine Grimm’s tips for success in her article entitled, “See How Easily You Can Get Your Startup Off the Ground.”

Click here to read it.

Interested in learning more about Ruby, Inc.? Click here to get started.


2 thoughts on “Ruby, Inc. Made It Into “Under 30 CEO” Today

  1. Great article. Read this yesterday when it popped up on my iPhone App ‘Zite’ I think this is a great idea for all aspiring entrepreneurs. No need to re-invent the wheel. You provide a practical inspiration to all.

    I too am working on a personal branding/community development company. I would love your advice/input.


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