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Who Else Wants to Be Treated Like a Movie Star?

Our founder, Jasmine Grimm has been romping around Lancaster City meeting all sorts of interesting people. First, she had the honor of hanging out with Becky Svendsen and Lauren Coyler Slesser the ladies behind The Lancast podcast.

Here’s what you need to know about the folks behind the program: they have the most fantastic home-based operation. They have the most wonderful children running around painting snakes and doing artwork in the bathroom. Keith, Lauren’s husband, hangs out in the kitchen cutting up summer strawberries and serving the ladies coffee in the evening. They got the movie star treatment. They sat around; joked, laughed and learned (offline) that, contrary to what Jasmine’s dear friend, Jenna Faulker believes, not everyone knows the meaning behind Virginia colloquiums.

The faces behind The Lancast are a delightful bunch that are fun, witty and thoughtful and Jasmine’s honored to be a part of Ladies Night.

Missed the podcast? It’s here.

Then we touched base with the elegant Keely Childers Heany, of Susquehanna Style, for a brief interview where Jasmine was featured as Park City Center’s Style Guru.

Click here to check it out.

Finally, Jasmine has been flooded with styling requests from the Ruby, Inc. grand opening special.

With all of this running around you’re going to have to book now before May 26th if you want to get in on the special. Details here.

Need more information? Click here.


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