How Not to Look Like a Stay-at-Home Mom

Noted millionaire Dani Johnson once said the way you dress impacts not only yourself, but also your culture and everyone around you.

“Show up for work acting like the CEO that you are. Come on, it’s time to step up your game, get dressed, shave, floss your teeth, and step up to the plate as the millionaire that you want to be one day. Because if you don’t step into that position and change your own personal culture and your own personal standards I guarantee you that being lumpy and dumpy and greasy and lazy is not attractive to anybody. It ain’t attractive to anybody. Just because you got the freedom to be that way because you’ve got an Internet business or you’re working from home doesn’t mean that it’s appealing or that it’s good for you.

So what kind of culture and what kind of standard do you want to live by?

You got to determine that. And sometimes the way dress changes the way we talk. It really is true. Come on. You can’t tell me when you put something nice on your body it changes everything.

It changes the way you feel about yourself. It changes the way you feel about others. It changes the way you feel about your future. But lazy, dumpy and greasy is a completely different mindset and a completely different culture.

What does it matter, Dani? I’m just a stay-at-home mom. Well then great. Go ahead and look like every other 98 percent of the stay-at-home moms, dumpy, lumpy and greasy, with hair tied back in one of those soccer mom deals and sweats all sagged out and bagged out in your butt.

That is a culture that affects your attitude. It affects your standards and it changes the course of your life…”

Dressing, therefore, isn’t a frivolous idea that should be lightly dismissed.

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