Rummy, Kickball and Alzheimer’s

This past weekend Nxtbook Media, the Cork & Cap, and Advanced Solar Industries all banded together in a kickball tournament to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. Jasmine was playing with Nxtbook Media and she was particularly excited for this project because first, who doesn’t like a good Saturday afternoon of kickball and second, her favorite aunt, June, died a number of years ago from complications from Alzheimer’s.

Here’s what you’ve got to understand about Aunt June. She was two things in her life. She was (to borrow the words of her friends) “as lazy as a pet coon” and a card shark. Everyone loved her. She played pranks, swindled cookies away from youngsters betting in Blackjack and refused to let anyone win in Go Fish.

Jasmine’s family knew something was a little off with Aunt June when she kept asking how to play Rummy over and over again. She couldn’t remember when to draw and what made up a run. Jasmine decided to help her out by writing the instructions on a piece of paper.

June, not one to be outfoxed, held up the paper and made up her own rules, and read them aloud to the family.

She read:

Dear Aunt June, Go to Hell. Love, Jasmine

Shortly there after Aunt June began forgetting more and more things. She forgot her friends, her family and when she was moved to an elderly community, she commandeered a gentlemen, gave him the name of her old boyfriend and started “dating him” in front of his wife at the retirement facility. When she wasn’t swindling folks in cards, her memory was deteriorating to the point that she began squirreling candy bars and bananas in her room, and then forgetting where she left them.

Aunt June eventually died of complications from Alzheimer’s, after forgetting where she was and falling down the back stairwell.

Jasmine played this kickball tournament in Aunt June’s honor.

And Nxtbook won.

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