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Are You Comfy Or Are You Ready to Be the Next Success Story?

Are you comfy? If you’re reading this post, you probably are. You might be sitting in a nice cozy chair in front of your computer and think, “This isn’t so bad.”

But if you’re reading this, you also know somewhere else in your head that things in your life could be much better. You don’t have to take life sitting down. You can make a difference in your life by making a change. Because no matter how comfy that chair is right now, nothing feels as invigorating as shaking off your problems and moving in the direction of your dreams.

Does that ring a bell? If so, you’re ready to take your first steps with Ruby, Inc.

It’s a time to get you up off your feet and excited about your future. Clients have said styling with Ruby, Inc. are a powerful, life-changing opportunity that will help you gain new perspective on your body type, your self confidence and your style. Clients have said it’s enhanced their relationships with loved ones and, helped them learn to shop without going into debt.

Many women work really hard and never seem to get anywhere. That’s why you need Ruby, Inc.’s tools to help you transform your life and invest in yourself for the future.

Check out the results from just a few of Ruby, Inc.’s clients!

Like Gina:

And Jeanine:

“You didn’t just create a company; you’ve created a ministry. You’re going to transform how women see themselves and make them realize they have value. That’s incredible!”

And Dali:

And Francis:

“As I’ve gotten older, my size has changed (weight gain and shifts) and most of the items in my closet fit badly or not at all. When events come up that I need to be dressed better for, I’ve been scrambling for what to wear. Even going to church is a challenge because nothing looks right. As long as I needed to update my wardrobe, I decided to go for things that are versatile, separates that would give me choices without taking an hour to put together.

Ruby, Inc. took measurements and asked some questions about what I liked and felt comfortable in. I made selections from samples she assembled to find which style suited me… I now have the tools to make choices that will serve me well as I rebuild my wardrobe. She supplied me with a written plan which included a list of basics I should work on accumulating. It was a fun experience as well as an education in an area I’ve given too little thought to in the past.”

“As a woman who struggles with a negative self-body image and low self-esteem, (I’m in recovery from an eating disorder) I greatly appreciated Jasmine from Ruby, Inc.‘s enlightenment on proper fit and the right undergarments. She’s helping me learn to accept my new, healthy body! My body isn’t “wrong”… some of my clothes just don’t fit my current figure.”

Click here to be the next success story.


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