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Who Else Wants to Be Treated Like a Movie Star?

Our founder, Jasmine Grimm has been romping around Lancaster City meeting all sorts of interesting people. First, she had the honor of hanging out with Becky Svendsen and Lauren Coyler Slesser the ladies behind The Lancast podcast.

Here’s what you need to know about the folks behind the program: they have the most fantastic home-based operation. They have the most wonderful children running around painting snakes and doing artwork in the bathroom. Keith, Lauren’s husband, hangs out in the kitchen cutting up summer strawberries and serving the ladies coffee in the evening. They got the movie star treatment. They sat around; joked, laughed and learned (offline) that, contrary to what Jasmine’s dear friend, Jenna Faulker believes, not everyone knows the meaning behind Virginia colloquiums.

The faces behind The Lancast are a delightful bunch that are fun, witty and thoughtful and Jasmine’s honored to be a part of Ladies Night.

Missed the podcast? It’s here.

Then we touched base with the elegant Keely Childers Heany, of Susquehanna Style, for a brief interview where Jasmine was featured as Park City Center’s Style Guru.

Click here to check it out.

Finally, Jasmine has been flooded with styling requests from the Ruby, Inc. grand opening special.

With all of this running around you’re going to have to book now before May 26th if you want to get in on the special. Details here.

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How Not to Look Like a Stay-at-Home Mom

Noted millionaire Dani Johnson once said the way you dress impacts not only yourself, but also your culture and everyone around you.

“Show up for work acting like the CEO that you are. Come on, it’s time to step up your game, get dressed, shave, floss your teeth, and step up to the plate as the millionaire that you want to be one day. Because if you don’t step into that position and change your own personal culture and your own personal standards I guarantee you that being lumpy and dumpy and greasy and lazy is not attractive to anybody. It ain’t attractive to anybody. Just because you got the freedom to be that way because you’ve got an Internet business or you’re working from home doesn’t mean that it’s appealing or that it’s good for you.

So what kind of culture and what kind of standard do you want to live by?

You got to determine that. And sometimes the way dress changes the way we talk. It really is true. Come on. You can’t tell me when you put something nice on your body it changes everything.

It changes the way you feel about yourself. It changes the way you feel about others. It changes the way you feel about your future. But lazy, dumpy and greasy is a completely different mindset and a completely different culture.

What does it matter, Dani? I’m just a stay-at-home mom. Well then great. Go ahead and look like every other 98 percent of the stay-at-home moms, dumpy, lumpy and greasy, with hair tied back in one of those soccer mom deals and sweats all sagged out and bagged out in your butt.

That is a culture that affects your attitude. It affects your standards and it changes the course of your life…”

Dressing, therefore, isn’t a frivolous idea that should be lightly dismissed.

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And the Winner Is…

Yesterday Ruby, Inc. asked you to be the stylist to help Jasmine pick out her outfit for The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry‘s dinner with Prime Minister Tony Blair. After e-mails, a few private Facebook messages and a comment (thanks to everyone who played yesterday) the winner is…

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A big thanks to everyone who played yesterday and an equally big thanks to Esther Boutique for shaving a three-week delivery time from Australia down to overnight. Our founder, Jasmine e-mailed them in the morning and by the end of the day she received an e-mail from Talita on the Esther team:

Hi Jasmine
We will get that one sent out today!
Kind regards
The Esther Team
Now that’s customer service!
Hopefully we’ll have time to have Harry the Tailor do a few nips and tucks to get it done in time.

Finally, just as big of a thanks to Plum Salon and Spa for doing Jasmine’s hair and makeup for the event.

Are you looking to get all gussied up for a big event just like Jasmine or Andrea? (Click here to see Andrea’s experience).

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Your Turn: You Be the Stylist & Vote Today

It’s your turn to be the stylist. I’m going to The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry‘s annual dinner to have my photo taken with Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Which dress should I order for the big event?

So you can make the best determination, here’s a bit of my info. I’m a daywalker (red hair with pale skin and no freckles). Blue eyes. 5’4″. I work out and I’m pear shaped.

Which dress would you pick for an after 5 p.m. dinner event that’s cocktail chic?

Vote in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.

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Before and After Video: Who Else Wants to Go Shopping to Meet Prime Minister Tony Blair?

Andrea was a wee bit nervous to find something for The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry dinner. After all, former Prime Minister Tony Blair is going to be the keynote speaker. So what do you do when you’re in a crisis like this? Andrea called Ruby, Inc. and within 40 minutes we had her entire wardrobe all put together.

Where’d we go? Ann Taylor at the Park City Center.

Where else could we have gone? Anywhere the client wants to shop. We can work with any budget.

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