Why Some Women Will Make $230,000 More Than You

Did you know that attractive people will earn $230,000 more in a lifetime than workers with below-average looks, based on the average pay of $20 an hour in 2010? It’s true according to “Being beautiful really pays off, research shows” in The Columbus Dispatch.

According to “The Eye of the Beholder Appearance Discrimination in the Workplace” Irene Frieze tracked MBA grads for 10 years and found that attractive people were making higher salaries than unattractive people continually. In 1991, they earned 13 percent more. According to the paper, there’s an ugliness penalty imposed on people who are below average looking regardless of their gender. They’re assumed to be less capable, less intelligent and less hard working than their more attractive peers.

Not only that but it’s been documented that “beautiful managers may find it easier to develop [good professional relationships with workers] generating higher earnings for themselves and higher returns for their employers” according to the Harvard Business Review.

Furthermore 47.4 percent of employers polled said that attractive people are given unfair advantage in interviews and in the workplace in general.

Now you might argue that it’s discrimination, claim that it’s unfair and want to rebel against it. But what’s easier: changing society or changing yourself to win?

At Ruby, Inc. we’d argue the latter.

So how can you better hedge your bets to get ahead in the workplace. It’s simple. You don’t need radical changes like Botox and boob jobs to get ahead. It’s as simple as how you adorn yourself that can make all the difference between losing or gaining $230,000 in a lifetime.

In order to be elegant in the office, avoid nine simple faux pas.

  •   Look at your office environment. If no one else is doing it, you probably shouldn’t either.
  •   Cover your tummy. According to eastern cultures like India, China, Japan, and Africa, the belly is the point of physical access to spiritual power. So why would you want to show it off in the office anyway? It’s sacred, not profane.
  •   Avoid showing too much cleavage.
  •   Hide your bra straps.
  •   Avoid see-through clothing.
  •   Invest in a tailor.
  •   Skip flip flops unless you’re in some cutting edge-tech field with an uber-relaxed culture.
  •   Nothing tight.
  •   Don’t go overboard.

Once you know you’re not breaking the rules invest in a few accessories to begin to work in your own personal elements of style while still looking attractive and professional.

Must Haves for Work
Need help figuring it all out? Click here for more help.

8 thoughts on “Why Some Women Will Make $230,000 More Than You

  1. I totally agree with this article. I think it is human nature to feel a certain way about people. We judge them by appearance even when we do not try to.

    Great article!!

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  3. Kathy Dache says:

    I agree with the beautiful people make more money syndrome. So many factors play into that, their own confidence, the buy-in from subordinates, etc.. etc..
    Do you address the areas of skin, hair, makeup, exercise, diet?

    • Kathy, I specialize in helping women just dress for their body types. I leave the rest of that up to other to other specialists. I’d recommend Plum Salon and Spa in Lancaster for skin, hair and make-up and as far as diet and exercise I like Crossfit Collective on Manheim Pike and Direct Action Tactical for Krav maga, jiu-jitsu and Marine Corp martial arts. But that’s just how I dig it.

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