Reader Feedback to Embarrassment: Why It’s Critical to Dress For Your Body Type

A few days ago we shared about how Jasmine, the founder of Ruby, Inc. learned the hard way why it’s critical to dress for her body type. You can read all about that little blunder here. Evidently, this story resonated with a few of our readers. They shared it. They pinned it. They laughed and they wrote in to share their own embarrassing fiascoes.

I’d like to share one. Not to embarrass this reader but to show you that we all make mistakes. I’m going to call this reader “Roxy” to keep her real persona under cover. Here’s what you have to know about Roxy. She’s smart. She’s drop-dead-gorgeous. She’s talented, a mother, and after a distinguished career working for Senators and non-profits, she decided to go back to school.

Here’s why we’re sharing Roxy’s story. If she can be candid about the embarrassing blunders she’s had, then it’s time to stop beating yourself up. It’s time to stop fixing on this tiny imperfection or that. It’s time to stop fretting if your breasts are uneven, if you have some cellulite or a pesky whisker.

It’s time to realize that your worth is far above rubies.

Need some help figuring it out? Click here and in the meantime, enjoy Roxy’s tale.

I had my hair done. I got my nails done. I even bought a brand new little dress. I had the most confident smile stretched across my face. I’m not going to lie. I looked good.

I sauntered across the crowded dance floor not far behind my two girlfriends. I had a freshly made drink in hand, complete with tiny umbrella.

Just before I reached my friends, someone “Thriller” dancing accidentally smacked the drink right out of my hand and all over the dance floor.

Fifteen minutes later (the club was packed)…

With both perfectly manicured hands, I clutched my new glass and made my way back through the dance floor. My best friend waved me over from 10 feet away but through a hundred swaying and gyrating bodies.

I smiled and lifted my glass while mouthing the words, “Its ok. I got another one!”

Then, the unthinkable happened.

I stepped directly on the same spot where I spilled my last drink.

I was so busy looking up that I never bothered to look down and before I had time to react I tumbled into the biggest, slowest, most unbelievable banana peel slip-and-fall-and-land-on-your-back-moment in nightclub history.

It happened so fast yet so painfully slow.
Both stilettos went airborne with my feet still in them.

I landed flat on my back like a chalk drawing. I think I even twitched.

Stunned, I looked up and saw laughing faces, a disco light and cell phones pointed down at me. My dress was hiked up to my belly button and my toes were popped outside of one crooked shoe.

Don’t worry, Roxy. We still love you and you’re further proof that we can all have a little blunder now and again and still have worth beyond measure.

If you’re your own worst enemy, and you’re beating yourself up over blunders large and small, it’s time to call Ruby, Inc.


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