How Do You Dress When You’ve Put on a Little Weight?

We received this interesting quandary from a reader this week. This gorgeous woman said:

I have come to the point where I have gained enough weight to not fit into many of my clothes. It’s becoming more and more difficult to put together an outfit each day.

Yes, I would like to lose a few and fit into the clothes I have but I have noticed that no matter if I am skinny or not, there are some clothes that just look good or bad on me in either size. I would like to be able to feel good no matter what my clothing size.

First, I can’t applaud her enough. This is one of the healthiest responses I have ever heard about weight gain. She didn’t put herself down. Her worth isn’t wrapped up in a number and she recognizes it’s the cuts that are important when it comes to style.

Kudos, my friend.

If you’re in a similar situation, here are a few pointers to start thinking about your wardrobe in an entirely new way.

Forget about size. We’ve covered this about a bazillion times at Ruby, Inc. Your size does not determine your worth.

Second, it’s time to start looking at your natural silhouette and be honest about your new body shape. Where, exactly, are you beginning to put on weight? We all carry it in different areas of our bodies.

Do you suddenly have more jugs than you can handle? (Ah, how I envy you.)

  • Ditch the sleeveless shirts and high neck shirts.
  • Cut out the princess collars.
  • Kiss halter tops goodbye.

Do you find yourself with bye-bye arms? You know where you wave with your hand and your upper arm wiggles back?

  • There’s no sense wearing sleeveless or capped sleeve shirts.
  • Spaghetti straps aren’t going to be best friend right about now. It’s time to break up, baby.

Do suddenly have a little extra junk in the trunk?

(I feel you. I ought to be in that T. Pain song “Apple Bottom Jeans” whenever I get a little carried away on the snacking. Cue the music.)

  • High waists and tight pants are going to give you Mom butt. Same with front pleats and tapered legs.

Did you get a tummy? No biggie.

Are saddlebags plaguing you?

  • Do yourself a favor and toss the white boxy, shirts.
  • Tapered pants aren’t doing you justice.

So what if you’ve gained a few pounds? As long as your doctor thinks you’re healthy, and you’re eating right and exercising in a healthful way it’s time to get past the number. If not, it’s time to reach out to a dietician, doctor or personal trainer to help you get back on the right path. There’s no shame in asking for a little help and in the meantime, we’ve got tons of workarounds.

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6 thoughts on “How Do You Dress When You’ve Put on a Little Weight?

  1. Thanks for sharing this information! The media and television project images of women that are unrealistic to most women and we tend to feel inferior and self conscious about our bodies from a young age. We need to focus on who we are as a person and learn to accept ourselves as we are with loving and open arms. Just as our best friends feel about us.

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